The ARK "Ukraine"

Inspired by the Traditional, we create the New  - iconic art products, which will become Ukrainian "cultural visiting card" in the world.

For us Tradition is "not worshipping the ashes, but passing on the fire" to the next generations. We have received a great treasure - all that Ukrainians have created for thousands of years of their existence. Now it is our responsibility to preserve, multiply and pass on the "spiritual treasure" of the nation.

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passengers of The Ark Ukraine

Yaryna Vynnytska The Ark Ukraine
Yaryna Vynnytska

co-founder and creative producer

Жадан Ковчег "Україна" Птах
Serhiy Zhadan

iconic Ukrainian poet

ДахаБраха Ковчег "Україна"

ethno-chaos band

Dmytro Osypov

co-founder and patron

Taras Losynkyi

art collector of Ukrainian treasures, inspirator

Ostap Lozynskyi

painter, art collector

Хорея Козацька Тарас Компаніченко
The Cossacks' Chorea

band of Ukrainian early and baroque music

Компаніченко Хорея козацька Ковчег "Україна"
Taras Kompanichenko

kobzar, a leader of The Cossacks' Chorea


Ukrainian ethno-band

Natalka Popovych

a founder of One Philosophy Group

Vitaliy Portnykov

journalist, publicist

Oksana Ivasyuk

lecturer and researcher

Домініка Чекун Ковчег Україна
Domonoka Chekun

authentic voice of Ukraine

Uliana Horbachevska

singer and researcher of Ukrainian music

Yerhen Stankovych

legendary Ukrainian composer

Zoltan Almashi

Ukrainian composer, cello player

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The Ark Ukraine: X centuries of Ukrainian music

A concert-journey through ten centuries of Ukrainian music took place in 2021 on St. Michael's Square in Kyiv as a part of the state celebrations dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence. 

The best soundtracks of the Ukrainian musical heritage - from archaic carols and Cossack baroque to classical music masterpieces and DakhaBrakha hits - performed by the most prominent Ukrainian artists, bands, orchestras, and choirs.

The author of the idea and creative producer is Yaryna Vynnytska
Implementation - 1+1, Big Entertainment Production, TRI Direction

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Build the Ark, Noah!

The ancient baroque anthem "Noah" arranged by a contemporary Ukrainian composer Ivan Nebesny became the final song of the grandiose The Ark Ukraine concert, a concert that encompassed ten century of Ukrainian music. 

All the participants gathered on the deck of the Ark to call on Ukrainians to build their own cultural Ark to save the treasures of Ukrainian cultural heritage and their own identity - "Build your Ark, Ukrainian Noah!"

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Serhiy Zhadan and DakhaBrakha "Bird"

Especially for the Ark Ukraine project, the most iconic poet of modern Ukraine, Serhiy Zhadan, told the story of Noah in the Ukrainian way, and DakhaBrakha set this symbolic text to music - and a new alternative anthem of Ukraine was created! 

This text should be urgently learned by heart and repeated daily as a prayer.

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Zoltan Almashi 'The Becoming'

On the night of Kupala, the shortest and most magical night of summer solstice, the nature reaches its climax and explodes with the magical fern flower and herbs; and potions gain their maximum power, and all living things go into an orgasmic dance.

The participants of the magical action are purified by fire and water, jumping over the fire and bathing in the springs. This ecstasy of all living beings was brilliantly captured by contemporary Ukrainian composer Zoltan Almashi.

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Ulyana Horbachevska and Dudaryk Choir: ancient Ukrainian Christmas hymn

The Christmas spiritual hymn in Ukrainian Early music tradition "The Magi of Persia"  performed by the National Men's Choir Dudaryk and Ulyana Horbachevska.

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Victoria Polyova 'Holy God'

Victoria Polyova's work is a new life of the millennial Tradition of Ukrainian Orthodox music; these are eternal truths expressed in an innovative musical language. There are no nervous, aggressive, fussy rhythms in her music. It is a world of meditative sound and contemplation.

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Ковчег “Україна”
What is The Ark Ukraine?

For us, traditional culture is something that grows from the roots, from this land. It is not a preserved museum exhibit, but a living cultural vibration. It pulsates in folk songs, in poems of Taras Shevchenko (the iconic national poet of Ukraine) and Serhiy Zhadan (the most popular modern poet), in the music of Mykola Lysenko (the father of Ukrainian classical music) and DakhaBrakha (a popular nowadays band). This is the same vibration. And we want to preserve it...

артбуки платформи Ковчег "Україна"
art books The best books about Ukraine
Zhadan Жадан зібрав два аншлаги у Львівській Опері

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Притча про багача і бідного Лазаря
Святий Ілля
свята Варвара
Св. Юрій
Святий Ілля

Hutsul icon on glass [private collection of Ostap Lozynskyi]. A unique phenomenon in Ukrainian iconography of the late ХІХ th and early XX th centuries, these icons are distinctive and easily recognizable, painted on glass with a sonorous red color (hence they were also called "red").

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A unique collection of Ukrainian carpets from private collections. The Poltava carpets are woven with colored wool and represent the gardens of paradise. They are easily recognizable by their lush floral ornamentation and a frame of curly floral garland. The centers of carpet weaving in the Poltava region were Dykanka, Sorochyntsi, Reshetylivka, Zolotonosha, and Novi Sanzhary.

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Unique Hutsul ceramics from the private collections of the Lviv Institute of Collecting. These world-class masterpieces created by the Ukrainian folk genius are our cultural calling card in the world. The tiles and bowls of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which were once admired by Emperor Franz Joseph himself, are now freely available on our website.

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A 'pysanka' Easter egg is a symbol of the Sun god, resurrection, and springtime renewal. From the most ancient of times, Ukrainians have painted the birds’ eggs with magical patterns, aided by wax and natural dyes.

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Українська ікона XIV-XVIII-ХХ ст. з музейних і приватних колекцій у вільному доступі. Проєкт створений за підтримки Українського культурного Фонду.

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Віртуальна галерея українського професійного мистецтва від руських ікон XIV ст. до геніїв сучасності із музейних і приватних колекцій: живопис Васильківського, Пимоненка, Мурашка, Труша, Новаківського, Кульчицької, Маргіт і Романа Сельських. Особливий акцент цієї підбірки – Львівська школа живопису. Проєкт реалізовано за підтримки Українського культурного Фонду.

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