More than 30 best tracks of Ukrainian musical heritage: free access and super quality

Ковчег "Україна"

In October 2020, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the Ark Ukraine concert was recorded. This remarkable event took place in Lviv at the Dovzhenko Center and was realised by the Tik Tak recording studio.

Here you can listen to more than 30 masterpieces of Ukrainian musical heritage: from archaic carols to DakhaBrakha hits - our "gold" and "platinum" singles of the last ten centuries in super quality and free access.

The Ark Ukraine managed to gather the best musical team on board. These are well-known Ukrainian bands, soloists, and performers such as DakhaBrakha, Cossacks' Chorea, KURBASY, and Ulyana Gorbachevska, as well as the Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Oksana Lyniv, the National Men's Chapel Dudaryk, the Lysenko Kyiv Girls' Choir, and opera soloists soprano Oksana Nikitiuk and tenor Nazar Tatsyshyn.

The program of the concert includes masterpieces of traditional music - archaic carols, midsummer night ritual songs, wedding ladkanky, lullabies; ancient spiritual chants, Ukrainian Baroque music, as well as the best works of classical and contemporary Ukrainian composers. In particular:

  • a spiritual cantata of the Baroque era, lyrics by Ukrainian philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda;
  •  DakhaBrakha's favorite hits performed with a symphony orchestra;
  • a folk lullaby combined with Gershwin's jazz canons arranged by contemporary Ukrainian composer Maria Oliynyk;
  • a classical piece by Volodymyr Ivasyuk, which will show Ukrainians the author of their favorite pop hits from an unexpected angle;
  • the famous "Shchedryk", but in a very unexpected  interpretation by contemporary Ukrainian composer Ivan Nebesnyi;
  • Bortnyansky's (Ukrainian Mozart) concert will be performed on banduras (Ukrainian national string instrument) instead of harpsichord; 
  • the lost works of Vasyl Barvinsky will be performed for the first time after reconstruction in the way the author intended;
  • an ancient baroque cantata of the seventeenth century "The Flood" ("Build the Ark, Noah") in an epic arrangement by contemporary Ukrainian composer Ivan Nebesnyi and performed by all the concert participants

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