A new art book of Zhadan's poetry by The Ark Ukraine PH

Serhiy Zhadan. The Bird [a book that sings].

The art book with special effects - die-cutting, rice paper, copier paper, mirror foil. Cloth cover with a QR code that gives you a chance to listen to a video presentation by Zhadan himself. Rice paper super-cover.

The art book is based on poems by Serhiy Zhadan that became songs. His poetry has inspired many Ukrainian musicians to create songs, including Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Taras Chubay, Ivan Leno and the Kozak System band, TNMK, the Telnyuk sisters, Mariana Sadovska, DakhaBrakha, DakhDaughters, the Belarusian band Bruttо, and many others. All music tracks will be available via QR codes.

In addition to music via QR codes, the book itself will sound: several layers of rice paper will resemble the rustling of snow in the song "Snow"; in the song "Middle Ages", a blue copier paper will allow you to leave "stigmas" of human sins on the baroque wooden sculpture of Christ; in the song "She", tear off the perforated paper to the rhythm of the Kozak system band to see a quote from the song; and then read the title of the song "Touch" in Braille with your fingers in silence. And everyone will be able to see his own reflection in the mirror foil that runs as a basic decorative element throughout the book. Just like in the brilliant poems of Serhiy Zhadan...

A charity project - all profits will be directed to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The price for early birds is 750 UAH.
The book is scheduled for release in May 2023


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poems by Serhiy Zhadan
illustrations - Maria Bilinska
animation - Myroslav Stetskyi
curators of the publication - Yaryna Vynnytska and Tetiana Pylypets

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