артбук Ковчег "Україна"

The Ark Ukraine launches pre-sale of a unique art book

We are back!

By popular demand, we are very pleased to announce a festive pre-sale of our unique art book "The Ark Ukraine" - order it on our website here.

In the first days of the full-scale war, the enemy destroyed our warehouse in Hostomel. They continue to destroy printing houses in Kharkiv. They have brought the entire Ukrainian book industry to the brink of survival, but they will never destroy our spirit and our cultural code.

The Ark Ukraine art book is a must-have for every Ukrainian. It contains our entire cultural heritage under one cover: artifacts of traditional culture, masterpieces of professional art, symbols and archetypes, historical heroes and prominent cultural figures - everything that deserves the status of a "brand of Ukraine". Gold embossing, lace die-cutting, textured varnishes, printing on transparent and translucent papers, cloth binding with a supercover made of rice paper with gold embossing - our heritage deserves the best "printing frame".

This publishing project is of archival importance for Ukraine, especially in the context of recent events. After all, we are a country with a blurred identity that is still recovering from the consequences of its colonial status over the past centuries. Many of our compatriots are still unfamiliar with the cultural heritage of Ukraine, considering it second-rate, secondary to the culture of the metropolis.

This popular art publication should reboot cultural stereotypes about Ukraine, demonstrate the scale and grandeur of its entire cultural heritage, and open up unique cultural artifacts known only to a narrow circle of specialists to the general public.

The publication is meant to become a book visiting card of Ukraine, an official state gift-symbol. Limited edition.

A book that must be learned by heart - if every Ukrainian knew at least what this book contains, recognized these names, artifacts, paintings, etc., we would be living in a completely different country.

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