Ulyana Horbachevska and Dudaryk Choir: ancient Ukrainian Christmas hymn

Irmos is an Orthodox spiritual practice in the form of spiritual monodies that came to Kyivan Rus' from Byzantium. These ascetic chants were passed down by word of mouth, from heart to heart, by many generations of monks and spiritual singers. Later, they were recorded in old style music notes ang by the sixteenth century, the irmos had formed into an original Ukrainian spiritual canon and was handed down to us in the form of the liturgical book Irmoloy.

The irmos is a liturgical genre of ancient Ukrainian sacred music that has gradually withdrawn from the church rite over the past three centuries. Today it can be found only in old printed books in the libraries of old monasteries.

The recording took place on October 7-9, 2020, in Lviv with the support of the UCF
author's editing by Ulyana Horbachevska in collaboration with the Song Workshop
conducted by Dmytro Katsal
author and creative producer of the project - Yaryna Vynnytska

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