The Old Chest and The City [quintessence and summary]

This abstract is quintessence and summary to the top edition of our PH – art book The Hope Chest. Ukrainian Treasures.

An old carved chest...

Like a visitor from the past, it now stands in a modern apartment and relays the energy of primitive archetypes long forgotten by the city. Going through its treasures, you can touch your happiness among all its embodied shirts, ritual cloths, handmade jewelleries.

Because what is contained in the chest is not so much decorative art as a form of psychotherapy for city residents (those who fall asleep with sleeping pills and rejoice only with the help of antidepressants). There are things created by bozhychi - Godly people who lived in rhythm with the sun and in constant barefoot contact to the earth. And through this prolonged bodily contact to Nature, they received calmness as bottomless as the sky, grounding all their fears and troubles. The illiterate but knowing bozhychi were people's "Buddhas," and everything they created was marked with eternity as a sign of quality.

Therefore, these artefacts are transmitters of Silence. They can be placed around the apartment the same way as we place TVs, radios, computers (everything that generates noise). Only they will be portable transmitters of silence and that familiar feeling of animism, when everything around is alive and you feel "so good, as if you were in God's presence." There is no fuss around these things a priori. You can tune your inner antennas to them, catch peace like a radio wave, and become real.

The art book "The Hope Chest. Ukrainian treasures" - download here.

Back to innocence – that should work now as an instinct of self-preservation.

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