Hope Chest. Ukrainian Treasures

The Hope Chest. Ukrainian Treasures

The Hope Chest. Ukrainian Treasures aspires to catalogue the artifacts that our grandmothers’ world embraced, the essence of which is irrevocably fading from our own lives and soon will become as mythical to us as Atlantis. These belongings were commonplace and practical but blessed with the grace of an “otherworldly” beauty. They appear to be drawn from and serve as portals to a “higher world,” to a “paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty”*.

We went across all the regions of Ukraine in quest of these folk treasures and came up with a list of Ukrainian must-haves – the things that should belong in hearts and homes of every Ukrainian. We carefully packed them in our Hope Chest as if it were a cultural Ark preserving its treasures from the outpour of globalizing floods — so that they may be returned to where they belong.

These are not simple belongings but powerful totems. In having them in your home, goodness is instilled — for in stillness, you find yourself.

[використання ілюстрацій та фотографій видання з метою публічного некомерційного чи комерційного показу заборонено. за письмовим дозволом просимо звертатись за мейлом kovcheh.ukraina@gmail.com]

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