артбук Скриня. Речі Сили

The Hope Chest. Ukrainian treasures

Exclusive deluxe edition on the traditional heritage of Ukraine with special features - die cutting, foil stamping, blind embossing, textured varnish.

We went across all the regions of Ukraine in quest of folk treasures and came up with a list of Ukrainian must-haves – the things that should belong in hearts and homes of every Ukrainian. We carefully packed them in our Hope Chest as if it were a cultural Ark preserving its treasures from the outpour of globalizing floods — so that they may be returned to where they belong.

These are not simple belongings but powerful totems. In having them in your home, goodness is instilled — for in stillness, you find yourself.

The art book has become a visiting card of Ukraine, found its way into the libraries of many presidents and famous world figures, and has been translated into English and French. Created by Yaryna Vynnytska, Yulia Tabenska, Dmytro Osypov. The Best Book Award of Lviv's Book Forum 2016, personal award from the Mayor of Lviv.

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