The Ark Ukraine: Ukrainian music heritage

This is a guide book to Ukrainian musical heritage – from archaic pre-Christian carols to the XX century hit song "Chervona Ruta".  This is an interactive book, where you can listen to Ukrainian music through QR codes on the You-tube channel of the project.

The most prominent figures of the Ukrainian musical pantheon, unique musical instruments, interesting facts and tragical biographies of Ukrainian composers - we have prepared a short illustrated tour into the world of Ukrainian music (and yes, we made an attempt to describe music in words). 

We would like to take you behind the curtains of this enchanting world, to shed the spotlight on long-forgotten music treasures and that one evening you would search for the names of Maxim Berezovsky, Valentin Silvestrov, Dmytro Bortnyansky, Vasyl Barvinsky and many others and listen to the Ukrainian cosmos.

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