Zhadan's Ark: famous Ukrainian poet convenes his friends for a concert

The cooperation between The Cultural Platform Ark Ukraine and the most prominent modern Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan began in 2020 with the poem Bird, which Serhiy created especially for our musical Ark. This Bird turned out to be not just another poem, but a whole symbolic and archetypal prophecy about Ukraine on the level of Shevchenko's testament (the main text of Ukrainian poetry). And the concentrated energy of the poem required new incarnations - fresh creative projects.

And the symbolic Bird continued its flight: the co-founder of The Cultural Platform Yaryna Vynnytska and Serhiy Zhadan decided to create an art book of Zhadan's poems that became songs, and later the idea was born to invite all these artists to play together in one joint concert - to gather a kind of "Zhadan's Ark" of friends. And these are the most popular and iconic Ukrainian singers and bands – DakhaBrakha, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Dakh Daughters, Ivan Lenyo and Kozak system, Taras Chubay, The Dead Rooster, Solomiya Chubay, Maryana Sadovska, TNMK, Belarusian band Brutto with its legendary Middle Ages, and many others. 

Concerts were already scheduled for the fall of 2022 in Mariupol, Volnovakha, and Kramatorsk. But the war made adjustments to the concert's touring plans. And now the first concert in the series will take place on December 18 in Poland - Zhadan and his friends are going to perform in Krakow. And later they promise concerts in Ukraine as well.

We invite our Polish friends and all Ukrainians in Poland to attend the concert, and we urge Serhiy's fans in other cities to follow the flight of our Bird - and see you at the next concerts! All profits from the concerts will be used to support Ukraine.

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